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Entertainment Business Leader H2 Interactive

H2 Interactive Co., Ltd. is a leading game publisher with many content providers in partnership from 17 different countries serving various aspects of the gaming industry in Korea and other parts of Asia based on continuous change and innovation.

H2 was the first to launch a digital distribution platform in Korea for multiple PC games catalogs. Harnessing this adaptability, we are able to reach out to more diverse and talented Korean developers to fund original projects for worldwide branding opportunities.

Furthermore, H2 is nominated by the Korean authorities as an INNOBIZ company for technological innovation and a `Small Giant` company for practicing ethical, transparent, and responsible management.

It is our goal to continue offering quality service to our customers and share visions and dreams with our partners based on trust and understanding.​

h2 interative compnay
Company Name H2 Interactive Co. Ltd. CEO Junha Hur
Founded 2009. 9. 4 Phone 1544-2367 / FAX : 02-6929-3866
Address H2 INT Bldg., 35, Gangseo-ro 56ga-gil,Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Game licensing and publishing, gaming peripherals distribution, new platform business and research development
  • - PS4™, Xbox One®, Nintendo Switch, PC platform software Asia publishing
  • - Digital contents distribution platform, Direct Games publishing (www.directg.net)
  • - Cloud service (BlazBlue series, Guilty Gear series, Raiden series, Kunio-Kun Series, etc.)
  • - Gamepad development and patent acquisition (Direct Gear)